Funny Types of illustration

Whatever the technology improved every minute, it gives both plus and minus. The thinking of somehow different compared between present and past is known as changes. It gives a better for people day by day.

For example, the starting of 20th century the immediate communication is difficult, but now i phones did that job. 10 to 20 years back 20 lb TV’s we used, but today we have 20 lb weight TV. Old Nokia phones damaged floor but now i phone break at slightest touch.

1960’s we used letters to pass some message but now we send mails via Mobiles.Today I post some illustrating photographs about changes; I hope it will give a big message for you. – See more at:


Mountain Gorilla Photography





Animals have a spectacular characteristic that differ from other living things. When we see an animal’s some time we feel close to that, particularly gorillas. Because the DNA of gorillas are 98% related to human beings. In world wise there are around 800 Mountain Gorilla’s are living. There are live together at one place yes its Africa. Between people and gorillas nearly all characters like birth up to death are balanced with the wheel of reproduction. -More Photography CLICK HERE