Air flying Photography

Mike Dempsey is a photographer taken photos completely skateboarding. Always he gives air riding shots for example, people riding railings, flying, Jumping etc., He used a special camera, having regular shutter intervals, various lenses, and self timer, help to obtain 3D effect images, movement of legs, arms, hairs also. So camera is a weapon to arrest the subject in present and past. Today I will post that type of Photographs, and I wish these pictures pull you into non identical world. – See more at: HERESOURCES


World’s First Electronic ‘Cyborg’ Rose




In 1990’s some scientists tried to produce “electronic plants”, but it was failure due to fund. Recently, the Swedish researchers coined one “power plant”, have semi conductive polymers in the form of rose flower known as “cybrog “ means cybernetic organism, work as to transmit energy, help to regulate growth of plants. Researchers used PEDOT polymer in stem. Xylem and vascular system plays a role to suck water. Polymers help to conduct electric signals, nutrition’s, and water around the flower as well as act as sensor form chlorophyll, inform the environmental changes. Today I will post that cybrog rose. I hope this type of new inventions make a vital in the branch of agriculture – See more at: HERE

Funny Types of illustration

Whatever the technology improved every minute, it gives both plus and minus. The thinking of somehow different compared between present and past is known as changes. It gives a better for people day by day.

For example, the starting of 20th century the immediate communication is difficult, but now i phones did that job. 10 to 20 years back 20 lb TV’s we used, but today we have 20 lb weight TV. Old Nokia phones damaged floor but now i phone break at slightest touch.

1960’s we used letters to pass some message but now we send mails via Mobiles.Today I post some illustrating photographs about changes; I hope it will give a big message for you. – See more at: