Mountain Gorilla Photography





Animals have a spectacular characteristic that differ from other living things. When we see an animal’s some time we feel close to that, particularly gorillas. Because the DNA of gorillas are 98% related to human beings. In world wise there are around 800 Mountain Gorilla’s are living. There are live together at one place yes its Africa. Between people and gorillas nearly all characters like birth up to death are balanced with the wheel of reproduction. -More Photography CLICK HERE

Girl with stingrays

Absolutely today I would like to share interesting photo section about Stingray with girl, French photographer Mr. Christian Coloumbe and leading Fashimodel to do a latest capture those pictures at coastal water in Southon pacific. The island of Tahiti is famous honeymoon sport of French Polynesia, keep in mind. Tahiti is a head of local archipelagos. You must love black-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. That’s why a cause of girl model with stingrays Photography.

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Tips for Animals Photography

A professional Photographer has some difficulties to catch a Photograph about Animals. Because we know the intellect, it not has a sixth sense.

Skips those ideas when you shoot Animals

Flash Lights

Don’t Force it

No Artificial sets

Don’t show you’re smart

Avoid time management Plan

Something has to be followed
Watch Macro minuets
Don’t estimate formal Shorts method
mismatched Angles, Lenses Approaches and abnormal places
Love truly hence it has a deep affection better us
Whatever in your mind have a potential of output positively you should wait at long time otherwise you have lucky got the photo immediately. Because based on its feeling like angry, hungry, love, hate, happy, sad etc….
Capture photographs are easy of pets compared than the Wild one. If you want to be a better photographer beginning use yours I Phone, catch picture of Lovable pets. It will give a better appreciation for you. Accept this points you should have any idea pleases comment and share.


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