Sensoji Temple Festival for Babies Crying in Tokyo

The Senso-ji Temple that present in Tokyo of Japan, Last Saturday that people celebrate one festival named “Baby Crying Sumo”.At that time the sumo players are join together and initiated their 120 babies to crying this event.2976 140426-baby-crying-contest-mn-1052_abf4a8541664873c43d5cd163f656eeb.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000

Source: Sensoji Temple Festival for Babies Crying in Tokyo


You Laughing This Frogs Photography

Each and everyone that have a different life style. They spend their free time variously. Somebody goes to picnic and few of them would like to enjoy the nature, most of them love to collect or suit Photographs.Saw a few lovable photography via net about this humors frog’s photography.

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Megan Lorenz/REX Shutterstock (1728849b) Wild Red-Eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica Tree frog, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica - May 2012
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Lessy Sebastian/Solent News/REX Shutterstock (2647080c) The snail slides over the sleeping frog's back Snail slides across the back of a sleeping frog, Jakarta, Indonesia - 22 Jun 2013 *Full story: This snail enjoys a long game of leapfrog as it takes eight minutes to calmly climb over a croaker before reaching its destination. The frog was enjoying an afternoon nap, minding its own business high up in a branch, when the snail decided to interrupt its snooze. Approaching the snoozing amphibian the quick-thinking snail clearly decided that the only way to reach its destination was to slide over the frog, which took it eight long minutes. Photographer Lessy Sebastian, from Jakarta, Indonesia, captured the rare moment in his front garden. A number of green tree frogs live in the pond underneath the branch in question and often jump up to enjoy the shade while they sleep.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Fahmi Bhs/Solent News/REX Shutterstock (3636361a) The frog on the end of the croc's open jaws Frog sits perched on end of crododile's snout, Jakarta, Indonesia - Feb 2014 Perched on the nose of a crocodile, this brave frog probably won't realise just how much of a lucky escape it's had. For there's one reason the reptile's beady eye is fixed greedily on its visitor with jaws gaping wide in anticipation - feeding time. Fahmi Bhs, 39, captured this unexpected moment in a pool in Jakarta, Indonesia. He watched as the crocodile devoured the first frog in his enclosure, but was amazed when it appeared unable to capture the second. The small amphibian settled on the crocodile's head before moving to the tip of its nose as it opened its huge mouth. Eventually the lucky frog hopped away and left the small pool. Fahmi said: "It looked as though the croc had eaten enough breakfast and just wanted to keep the frog as a 'little pet' instead."

The frog on the end of the croc’s open jaws