70th annual tomato food fight in Bunol

Today’s Google Doodle has joined in on the act to celebrate the 70th anniversary of world big food festival.


tomatina-festival-_3419591k tomatina-festival-_3419595k tomatina-festival-_3419601k


Beautiful Banana carving Art

Today i would like to share some different kind of art like Bananas with ball point pen.Netherlands graphic designer Mr.Stephan Brusche (isteef) talented sport crater “Fruitdoodling” artist.He suddenly into food art started by chance few years back.initially just started using Instagram for charming drawing.friends and Social media people encourage him.then only he tried to come up with innovative ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana in all kinds of smart ways. Brusche has published two books and continues to push his craft activities.


Dog happy with Christmas Day

Absolutely this is a Christmas fever time, whoever involved this festival there are many time to spend and do something creatively.now i would like to share Mr.Gabi Stickler amateur photographer.

My name is Gabi Stickler and I’m an amateur photographer from Germany. I love to be creative and take pictures! My favorite subject is my dog and his friends.

The winter and the time around Christmas are particularly atmospheric. I want to give you a little insight into how we pass the time until Christmas.


Beautiful Children And Animals Photography

A single photography, express all the feelings of the nature, we cannot know exactly about that. Normally a good picture gives lot of inspiration and better thing. An amazing technique to enjoy the nature is photography. The BW child 2015 conduct the Internanational photo contest “Children and animals” for their 2nd annual function. There are higher up than 1000 photographers join this competition. So today I will share to 40 photographers pictures, that realize some of your childhood memories. Commonly we all love children and like animals. These lensmen combined both and created prepossessing pictures. Usually to take shots for babies and animals are impossible. But these shapers used natural lights for their snaps. I hope these all images provide an enjoyment for you. – See more at: 40 photographers pictures


Air flying Photography

Mike Dempsey is a photographer taken photos completely skateboarding. Always he gives air riding shots for example, people riding railings, flying, Jumping etc., He used a special camera, having regular shutter intervals, various lenses, and self timer, help to obtain 3D effect images, movement of legs, arms, hairs also. So camera is a weapon to arrest the subject in present and past. Today I will post that type of Photographs, and I wish these pictures pull you into non identical world. – See more at: HERESOURCES